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Build your team.

Top talent for the



Tracey - Auriema is an executive search firm that works with hiring managers to find highly-skilled executives and engineers for technical positions in the Factory Automation and Power Distribution industries.


We’re specially qualified to find the right people with the expertise you need, because we've worked in these industries ourselves. We know the market and understand the skill sets that are needed for a given position. We’re also in tune with the soft skills (leadership, personality, style, demeanor, attitude) that really determine if the candidate is right for the job.


Unlike broad-based search firms, we’ve focused for over 30 years on just two industries: Factory Automation and Power Distribution. We understand these industries because we’ve worked in them ourselves. We’ve met sales quotas, grown and led successful sales forces and managed channel distribution in your market.


Companies today depend on a new generation of technical leaders. At Tracey-Auriema, clients large and small tap our deep expertise and industry contacts to locate and hire people who can meet the challenges of these rapidly-changing industries.

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